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We have been providing complete information management services to our clients for over 20 years from our facility based in Taipei. Your corporate information is your most valuable asset, therefore our offering ensures it is always both safe and available.

Records management for different kind of people, different kind of service

Crown is a global company with a multi-cultural workforce dedicated to quality and service excellence. Our culture is entrepreneurial, placing a great value on creativity and imagination — we have a “can-do-anything” attitude. A flat structure means people can take responsibility and are empowered.

The result? More gets done, more quickly.

We encourage development, value expertise and reward performance. Not surprisingly, Crown has an unusually low staff turnover.

We believe in the importance of providing a great service

We are a values-based business. Our brand values underpin everything we do. Our responsibility to our clients, our colleagues and our local communities is shared by every employee in our organization through our code of conduct. We value quality highly and we’ve built a strong reputation for it. We use our QUEST quality program to give you the opportunity to tell us how we’re doing.

In addition to values, we also have rules:

  • Safety is our first concern and everyone makes it a priority across our global operations.
  • All Crown operations worldwide also adhere to our binding corporate rules of data privacy and data protection.

Total commitment, worldwide

Our infrastructure combines regional headquarters and service centers of excellence, supporting customer-facing and back-office requirements, and extending to offices located around the world.

Through that architecture, we are able to provide support where it’s needed:

  • Full accountability, compliance and expertise at a local country level
  • Cost efficiencies, service consistency and quality assurance at a global level
  • Best practice, innovation and expert management shared globally from our centers of excellence

By customizing our processes to match your established protocols, we make it easier for us both to work together.

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