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TCIC group was founded in 2003 and headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. TCIC has offices in Taiwan and China where they established the local service team. It is also a synergetic partner of Quality Austria and CIS in the Pacific Region. From time to time, we insist on the most stringent international service mode, not only to provide the certification audit of the management system, independent audit/assessment services, the personnel certification/ registration and the Accredited Training Providers, but also the value-added service for the clients. To give you the opportunity to find potential though our assessment process, rather than simply detect the weaknesses. TCIC will fully develop globalization services.

TCIC GroupTCIC is the third-party certification body that provides information security management system (ISMS), service management system (SMS) related to certification and training services. In 2013, we are approved by Car Connectivity Consortium as its auditors. We offer a variety of independent audit services for Car Connectivity MirrorLink requirements of Car Connectivity Consortium(CCC). Now, we hope to share our experiences with you, and make a little contribution to your organizational development, regionalization, and internationalization.

TCIC Group 環奧國際

TCIC創立於2003年,總部位於加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞省;於台灣 、中國設有辦公機構並建立了當地的服務團隊,也是Quality Austria與CIS在太平洋地區的合作伙伴。一直以來,我們堅持國際上最嚴謹的服務態度,不僅提供各種管理系統的驗證稽核與教育訓練服務,更提供客戶 附加價值的服務。透過我們的稽核過程給予您發掘潛力之機會,而非單純的尋找缺點,TCIC也將致力於發展全球化的服務項目。

TCIC是提供資訊安全管理系統(ISMS)、服務管理系統(SMS)相關的驗證與教育訓練服務的第三方驗證機構。此外,更於2013年獲得Car Connectivity Consortium的稽核師認可資格,提供CCC聯盟的車聯網連線要求(MirrorLink)的獨立稽核服務。在此希望與您分享我們的經驗,為您的組織發展區域化、國際化,盡一己綿薄之力。

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