Celebration Canada 2016 BandsCanadian All-Stars

This band only comes together once a year for Canada Day. It is comprised of a group of all-star musicians that have been in the Taipei music scene for many, many years. Each year, the Canadian All-Star Band comes together for this special day to rock the crowd with Canadian music. The Canadian All-Stars are  ready to rock you!

In past years, our Celebration Canada musical talent line-up has also included:

Tony Taylor and the RockitsTony Taylor and The Rockits

Tony Taylor and The Rockits are veterans with our last three Celebration Canada events.

They describe themselves as just a bunch of suave guys who rock it ‘blues style‘.

Blastin’ off somewhere on planet Earth soon.


DC and the Funky DudsDC and the Funky Duds

DC and the Funky Duds have performed at our last two Celebration Canada events. DC and the Funky Duds are about players playing for fun and they are the reason why most of us started doing more live music in Taiwan.

Without a doubt, they are one of the most talented bands in Taiwan.

Dallas Waldo

Dallas Waldo performed at Celebration Canada 2015.  Hailing from Canada, Waldo is a public figure who now resides in Taipei working hard on Mando-English hip hop music.

Sam Lin

Sam performed at Celebration Canada 2015.  He has a simple story: “Hey, Guys! This is Sam Lin and I like to share good music with ya’ll! 從小在美國長大,現在住在台北做音樂!