2017 Cemetery Cleanup Day

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (CCCT) would like to invite you again to take part in this important and long standing event!

Established at the end of the nineteenth century, the Danshui Foreign Cemetery has been cared for by the Canadian Society (now the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan) since 1984. There are more than 70 graves in the cemetery, many of which belong to Canadians.

Every year on the Tomb-Sweeping Day, the CCCT members and friends join together at the cemetery for a morning cleanup of the tombstones. It is a great way to take in some of Taiwan’s traditional culture, while becoming familiar with the history of Canadians in Taiwan.

This year we will also have a family & friends-friendly BBQ at the cemetery.

There are plenty of historical sites in the area that can be visited if you plan on spending the day with us, such as the Customs Building, the “White House”, the first high school in Taiwan, the Red Fort, Danshui Old Street, and the Fisherman’s wharf, to name a few. The TamKang High School grounds are open for parking. You just have to find your way up the hill in the narrow streets! For those who are taking the MRT, it’s a short taxi ride from the MRT station to the cemetery.

Come join the CCCT on Sunday, 9th April to pay respect to our ancestors in Taiwan—the Canadians who came to Taiwan—the missionaries, harbor masters, sailors and businessmen.

Please kindly RSVP here or on our Facebook Event Page for us to get an idea of the number of people joining us! Thank you!

Click here for more information about the Danshui Foreign Cemetery.