AmCham/CCCT Joint Technology Committee Luncheon – Dec 9, 2016

Opportunities and Challenges of Building Open Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT)

AmCham/CCCT Joint Technology Committee Luncheon

The Grand Hyatt Hotel, 3F Terrace
Venue: The Residence, Grand Hyatt Taipei
2F, No.2 SongShou Road, Taipei, Taiwan/ 台北市松壽路2號
NT$1,400 for Members & Guests AmCham Taipei and CCCT members only
NT$2,000 for guests
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In the near future, millions to billions of small sensors and actuators will be embedded in real-world objects and connected to the Internet forming the Internet of Things (IoT). The basic premise of the IoT is that everyday objects or devices can sense their environment, collect information, and communicate and interact with each other.

The changing nature of smart, connected “things” is disrupting value chains and will force organizations to rethink and retool nearly everything they do internally in order to stay competitive.

For example, progressive cities around the world are using IoT to transform themselves into smart cities, and changing how we live, work, and play. In this talk, Dr. Liang will present the opportunities and challenges of building smart cities with IoT.

Dr. Liang will firstly introduce the Internet of Things from a data perspective, its value chain, its potential applications, its opportunities and challenges, and its vision and trend in the future.

Dr. Steve Liang will be visiting Taiwan on invitation by the Ministry of Interior to deliver an IoT workshop at the 15th Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) World Conference in Taipei. AmCham is honored to have Dr. Liang share his insights with our members during his Taiwan visit.

Dr. Steve Liang

Associate Professor, University of Calgary in Canada

Dr. Steve Liang is a professor and entrepreneur. Steve is an associate professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. Dr. Liang’s goal is to design and deploy Internet of Things platforms to make our world a better place. Dr. Liang is a world-leading researcher on IoT interoperability, i.e., the ability to integrate heterogeneous IoT systems into a coherent IoT platform.

For example, Dr. Liang is the rapporteur of United Nation’s ITU-T SG11/Q12 on IoT test specifications and the editor of Open Geospatial Consortium SensorThings API standard. Dr. Liang is also the founder and CEO of SensorUp, a world leading geospatial Internet of Things platform. SensorUp empowers developers to build applications that connects with everything in the world. For example, SensorUp is working with US Department of Homeland Security to use IoT technologies to make the next generation first responders more protected, more connected and fully aware.


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