A Message From Our Chairman Jean Christophe Guedon

Dear Members and Friends of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan,

Thank you for your support.

2017 was an incredible year for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan. We are proud of all the Canadian Chamaber has done to promote Canadian interests in Taiwan and to encourage cooperation with businesses working for and with Canadian companies, and for those interested in doing business in Canada.

In 2017, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce had a very successful year. Canada Day 2017 was a great success, as was our 3rd Annual (and newly renamed!) Maple Ball, which was held in cooperation with the Canadian Trade Office.

In the three years that we have hosted this Charity Gala event, we have raised over $40,000CAD for the MacKay Memorial Hospital. It is our honour to support MacKay Hospital care for the communities in Taiwan.

This year, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce continued to support the local and foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan with the annual Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan, an event that is geared towards Taiwan’s vibrant and growing start-up scene.

Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan 2017 helped to bridge the fundraising gap for entrepreneurs who needed to raise up to NT$5 Million to start their businesses. We’re pleased be the bridge between angel investors and from other individuals who were interested in these new and innovative ideas from our foreign community through our Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan event.

We would like to thank Business Next magazine, Meet Start-Up Taipei, and Elias Ek for working with us on our mission, and our plans are proceeding for our 3rd Annual Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan.

Meanwhile, we are continuing our hard work with the CCCT’s Small Business Network to connect small business owners and entrepreneurs with industry leaders in Taiwan, and we have some excellent events planned for 2018. Working the small business community is one of the Canadian Chamber’s goals in 2018.

We are also making great strides with the CCCT’s dedicated Membership and Events Committees that are hard at work to bring you even better events in 2018. Our individual, small business and corporate members are the backbone of the Canadian Chamber and we will continue to meet their needs in the coming year.

Our event planning team for Celebration Canada 2018 began meeting in November 2017 to ensure that we continue the tradition of the wonderful event that is considered a highlight for many in the international and local community. We have a number of new surprises in store for you at Taiwan’s largest outdoor foreign national day event in Taiwan.

Jean Christophe Guedon, Carrie Kellenberger

I would like to thank you, our valued sponsors and members.

I’d also like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation towards our all-volunteer Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, and their hard-working committees. These individuals generously donate their time, money, and energy into making the CCCT the success it is today. Without these key players, the CCCT would not be what it is today.

As the Chamber has grown and changed over the years, it has become even more important to work and plan together with common goals and a united leadership.

We recognize and appreciate those who have shared this vision, created these goals, and led the efforts that our CCCT community currently enjoys. We have much more in store for you, so please keep an eye on the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan‘s website or give the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan’s Facebook page a ‘like‘ to show your support for Canada and Taiwan.

Follow our Events calendar for upcoming events. We promise, we have much more in store for you in 2018.

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan and its governing body for 2018. It is my great honour to be walking in the footsteps of those who have made the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan into what it is today.

Please help us to make 2018 an even greater success.

All the best,



Jean-Christophe Guedon,

Chairman, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan