Introduction to CCCT Committees

The CCCT has established specific committees to address various aspects of the Chamber’s aims and objectives. Our committees are headed by CCCT Board Directors and Supervisors and are comprised of CCCT members that are interested in assisting the Chamber with its objectives. The best way to get involved with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan is by serving with us on one of our committees.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan is an all-volunteer organization. Our Board Directors and Supervisors generously give their time, energy, and financial assistance to the CCCT to help our organization run successful events each year.

On average, each Director and Supervisor puts in a minimum of ten hours per work with the CCCT on top of their regular jobs. During large events like Canada Day and our annual MacKay Charity Gala, it is not uncommon for our committee members to put in 15-20 extra hours per week.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch with Ms. Judy Chen at

Business Luncheon Committee

Committee Chair: Mr. Alex Chun Long Chen
Committee Overview: The CCCT has been organizing successful business lunches for over a year now, with a wide variety of speakers and a full range of topics. If you’d like to contribute to the committee, as a speaker, or to help arrange speakers, get in touch!

Celebration Canada Committee2015 Logo

Committee Co-Chairs: Mr. Jean-Christophe Guedon and Mr. Steven Clark
Committee Overview: The Celebration Canada committee is put together to organize and execute the Canadian chambers largest yearly event, Canada day. With the help of our amazing sponsors, this group of people dedicate endless hours of planning to bring you a great day of outdoor festivities and fun each year.

The Celebration Canada Committee is open to recruiting new committee members.

2016 Celebration Canada Event Coverage 

June 15, 2016 ET Today – 加拿大國慶節6/25台北登場 「騎野牛」冠軍有免費機票

June 15, 2016 Focus Taiwan – Canada Day celebrations in Taipei to showcase food, art and culture

 June 16, 2016 China Post – Aboot Time – Taipei Canucks Celebrate Canada Day On Saturday

June 2016 Taipei Times – Celebration the Great White North

June 2016 China Post – Celebrating Canada Begins

2017 Celebration Canada Event Coverage 

May 24, 2017 China Post – Canadian Office in Taiwan launches Canada150 celebrations 

May 24, 2017 Taipei Times: Office announces events to mark Canadian celebration

May 24, 2017 Focus Taiwan News: Canadian office in Taiwan launches ‘Canada 150’ celebrations

June 23, 2017 Highlight: Canada turns 150 – The poutine-loving nation will celebrate with a huge bash at Taipei’s Hakka Cultural Park

2017 Committee Members: Carrie Kellenberger, Judy Chen, David Bostwick, Brandon Thompson, John Kellenberger, Miriam Smith, Leo Seewald, Steven Clark, Julia Buss

Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Mr. John Kellenberger and Ms. Jessie Chou

Committee Overview: Taiwan has a vibrant and growing startup scene. In 2015, Taiwanese companies received a total of USD440 Million in venture capital. However, it is still hard for entrepreneurs to raise the seed money they need to get started. It is even harder if you are a foreign entrepreneur with fewer family around and basically no chance to borrow from the bank.

Dragons’ Chamber works to bridge the fundraising gap for entrepreneurs who need to raise up to NTD5 million. The initiative takers to this event are experienced foreign entrepreneurs who have lived in Taiwan for many years and who understand the challenges of fundraising.

Dragons’ Chamber Event Coverage

November 2017 – Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan – Event Recap with Business Next Magazine

December 2016 – Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan – Interview with Business Next Magazine

November 2016 – Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan – Event Recap with Business Next Magazine

2019 Committee Members: John Kellenberger, Jessie Chou, and Elias Ek

Tamsui Foreign Cemetery Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Mr. Pierre Loisel, Sr. and Mr. Anthony van Dyck
Committee Overview: The CCCT has stewardship of the Foreign Cemetery in Tamsui, a historical cemetery with “residents” from many nations. We try to organize monthly cleanups in the spring and summer, and bi-monthly cleanups in the colder months.

Committee Members: Pierre Loisel, Sr., Anthony van Dyck, Leo Seewald

Tamsui Foreign Cemetery Event Coverage

August 2014 Focus TaiwanForeigners help care for century-old cemetery in Taiwan

The Legacy of George Leslie Mackay

Communications Committee

Committee Chair: Mrs. Carrie Kellenberger
Committee Overview: The aim of the Communications committee is to facilitate communication between the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan and the public. This includes CCCT website information and social media pages. The Communications Committee also facilitates communications through the Chamber committees.

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Committee Members: Carrie Kellenberger, Jenna Robinette, Judy Chen, and Josh Yang

Maple Ball Charity Gala Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Mr. John Kellenberger and Mr. Jean-Christophe Guedon 

Committee Overview: The MacKay Gala Committee is a dedicated group of members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce along with participation of the MacKay Memorial Hospital. The committee is focused on raising funds through sponsorship and organizing the event so it will be a great evening and help a worthy cause.

The 2019 MacKay Gala committee’s purpose is to organize the details and the fundraising for the CCCT’s 5th Annual MacKay Charity Gala to raise money for the MacKay Memorial Hospital’s.

This event is the 2nd largest event on the Canadian Chamber’s annual calendar and celebrates the impact that Canadian George Leslie MacKay had on Taiwan. Through this event the Chamber hopes to maintain and build upon the strong historical and cultural ties between Taiwan and Canada.

2019 Committee Members: John Kellenberger, Jean-Christophe Guedon, and Rupert Cao

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Mr. Josh Yang
Committee Overview: The aim and objective of the Membership Committee is to attract new members to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan as well as to retain current membership.

Committee Members: Josh Yang, Carrie Kellenberger, Judy Chen

Small Business CommitteeCCCT Small Business Committee

Committee Chair: Mr. Ping Chu and Ms. Jessie Chou
Committee Overview: The SBN’s mission is to support, inform, and offer networking opportunities to small business owners in Taiwan.

The SBN is celebrating its one year anniversary in August 2016 this year. The committee has organized several small business events for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs as well.

2016 SBC Event Coverage

August 2016 Taipei Times: Art As A Business in Taipei

2019 Committee Members: Alex Chun-Long Chen, Jessie Chou, Li Ping Chu, Carrie Kellenberger, and John Kellenberger