Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan

Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan is modeled after the Canadian TV show, Dragons’ Den.

Taiwan has a vibrant and growing startup scene. However, it is still hard for entrepreneurs to raise the seed money they need to get started. It is even harder if you are a foreign entrepreneur with fewer family around and basically no chance to borrow from the bank.

Dragons’ Chamber will work to bridge the fundraising gap for entrepreneurs who need to raise up to NTD5 million. The initiative takers to this event are experienced foreign entrepreneurs who have lived in Taiwan for many years and who understand the challenges of fundraising.

Are you an entrepreneur ready to enter the Dragon’s Chamber, and make that big pitch for your idea? Then this is for you!

At Dragon’s Chamber Taiwan, the aim is to provide a forum for entrepreneurs to share their business ideas in the hopes of connecting with the right people to help them turn their ideas into a reality.

The event is open to a diverse range of business models, from low-cost technology start-ups, to restaurants, consulting companies, professional services, design, import/export, light manufacturing, or anything else at all – as long as there is a legitimate business plan.

The CCCT’s Small Business Committee (SBC) hosts its 4th Annual Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan event on Saturday, November 16th, 2019 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm at Taipei Expo Dome.

English: http://www.enexpopark.taipei/archive.aspx?uid=143
Chinese: http://www.expopark.taipei/archive.aspx?uid=90

Entrance to the event is free!

Our event is part of Business Next magazine’s three-day Meet Taipei Start-up Conference that is held every year. Business Next Magazine has kindly given us the use of their Global Stage on November 16th to host our 4th Annual Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan.

Visit our website at Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan for more information about this event. 

Our 2018 Dragons 

Dragons’ Chamber Committee and Team Members

2018 – 1st prize winner: Wraptie

2017 – 1st prize winner: Woodpecker Learning

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2016 – 1st prize winner: Podride
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