15th Annual LGBT Taiwan PRIDE Parade

Calling all Canadians – show your support for Taiwan LGBT Pride this Saturday!

Canadian Representative Mario Ste-Marie, the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan will once again march in the annual Taiwan LGBT Pride parade to show our support for LGBT rights.

We invite all Canadians – and friends – in Taiwan to come march with us!

We will gather in 228 Peace Memorial Park (NTU Hospital MRT Station, Exit 1) this Saturday, October 28 from 14:30-15:00, and will begin marching at 15:00. Look for the Canada Pride flag!

Staff will be handing out hand-held Canada Pride flags to attendees both in the park and along the parade route.

#CanadaPride #TaiwanPride #LoveIsLove

2016 Pride Parade with the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei

The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) is proudly marching in this year’s Taipei LGBT Pride Parade to celebrate our diversity. As a staunch supporter of the CTOT, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan will also be marching to show our support for the LGBTQ community in Taiwan and in Asia.

Taipei’s Gay Pride Parade is the largest Pride Parade in Asia, with thousands of supporters flying in from all over Asia to attend. This event attracts thousands of local supporters and guests from abroad each year. With close to 70,000 in attendance, Taipei’s Pride Parade serves as a colorful reminder to show respect for sexual diversity and equal rights to everyone.

The parade starts at the Presidential Building at Ketagalan Boulevard, and typically follows the same route each year. The whole event takes around two hours, so wear comfortable shoes and bring water with you.

To participate or for more information, please contact our Executive Secretary, Ms. Judy Chen at info@cancham.tw.