Come out and enjoy Canada’s 150th Canada Day Celebration on Canada Da at Hakka Cultural Park

Saturday, July 1st, 2017.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Canada only turns 150 years old once!

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors, booth vendors, food vendors and volunteers. You all helped to make this year a huge success!

2017 Celebration Canada Map with attractions, activities, vendors and more.

Cici, Terry, Judy, Miriam, Caleb and John put the finishing touches on the park entry with the original Canada D’Eh sign from the Mr. Pierre Loisel Sr, founder of the Canadian Society with Mr. John Hardyment. Mr. Loisel hosted the first Canada D’eh party at his home in Paishawan in 1984. Mr. Loisel attended our 2017 event and led our Canadian Procession in with the Canada Flag held high. We were also very honored to have several other special guests in attendence that day.

VA VA VOOM Selfie Lattes


Celebration Canada is the largest foreign National Day celebration in Taiwan.

Come out and enjoy our 12th Anniversary Celebration Canada and enjoy celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary on Canada Day in Taiwan!

CCCT’s Celebration Canada attracts thousands of visitors each year. You don’t need to be Canadian to enjoy Celebration Canada.

People of all nationalities are invited to join in and help us commemorate Canada Day, which occurs on July 1st each year in Canada.

Celebration Canada is a FREE full-day festival that offers a diverse range of live entertainment, delicious ethnic and regional food, and multi-cultural activities for participants of all ages and nationalities.

Our line-up of live Canadian and Taiwanese musicians, bands, and line dancers will be onstage and ready to entertain you by 1pm.

The day’s festivities conclude at 9pm with our annual fireworks show.

With over 8,000 people in attendance in the past three years, you’ll want to make sure you arrive early to grab a spot in front of the stage. From entertainment and sports to food and beverages, you’re sure to enjoy what we have in store for you during Celebration Canada.

Our 2017 Canada150 cake from Costco Taiwan looked beautiful. It also looked impeccable until it was brought up to the stage in the rain. Our cake was covered in plastic wrap and as the volunteers were bringing it from the truck and up to the stage, the weight of the water caused the wrap to sag and that damaged the cake when we took the wrap off on stage. It was still extremely yummy and it looked amazing.

We have lots of happy smiles in this photo regardless and our cake went fast, thanks to volunteer extraordinaire, Terrance Dunn, who can really cut a cake up and make it last for every single person who was waiting in line for a piece. Thank you so much to Costco Taiwan for such a beautiful donation. We really appreciate your sponsorship and support this year!

Our Celebration Canada cake is provided by Costco Taiwan.

Mr. Pierre Loisel Sr (Founder of Canada Day in Taiwan and co-founder of the Canadian Society, which is now the CCCT) and CCCT Chairwoman Carrie Kellenberger addressing the crowd. All those wonderful people behind us are the reason why the CCCT exists today.

We have several bands lined up this year for your entertainment, including our All-Star Canadian Band, Tony Taylor and the Rockits, and many more.

Our vendors will be offering up tempting treats, plus Canadian specialities such as poutine, Canadian beer, wine and spirits, and popular regional cocktails like Bloody Caesars. Our Bloody Caesars sell out every year, so get there early if you want to enjoy a Caesar or two. We know that they are going to sell out fast this year!

This is a family-friendly event with lots of things for the kids to enjoy. Put your hockey skills to the test at our Hockey Booth. Have your face painted or get a Canadian temporary tattoo to show your Canadian pride.

We’ve added a lot more attractions to this year’s celebration in order to make sure you have the best Canada Day celebration in Taiwan you’ve ever experienced on Canada’s 150 Birthday. We are introducing new games and activities, with lots of opportunities to win some great prizes from our sponsors.


2017 Celebration Event Coverage

May 2017 Coverage

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Focus Taiwan News: Canadian office in Taiwan launches ‘Canada 150’ celebrations

June 2017 Coverage

Highlight: Canada turns 150 – The poutine-loving nation will celebrate with a huge bash at Taipei’s Hakka Cultural Park

From Berlin to Taiwan: Where To Celebrate Canuck-Style

July 1, 2017

Taipei Times: Thousands mark wet Canada Day


Our 2017 Celebration Canada PLATINUM AND GOLD Sponsors

Fu Hsun Fiber Industries has kindly sponsored the CCCT with 


Fu Hsun has supplied fabric and trim to the world’s major apparel brands since 1963. They specialize in functional high-performance knits, directly serving numerous world-renowned brands. They have also participated in fabric development and short lead time programs for several major events such as the UEFA Euro, the World Cup, and the Olympics.

Fu Hsun founded its first facility in Taipei, specializing in tricot, lace, and embroidery in 1963.

Heat. Odor. Sweat. Fu Hsun’s high performance fabrics will help you conquer the heat on Canada Day at Taipei Cultural Park on July 1st, 2017.

Fu Hsun’s fabrics are environmentally friendly. They have been offering polyester chips, yarns and fabrics produced from recycled plastic bottles since 200988. Billions of PET bottles are discarded by consumers annually. By recycling them into textile products, Fu Hsun can simultaneously reduce waste and the consumption of crude oil, which is polyester’s primary raw material source.

Fu Hsun’s recycled chips and year have received the Taiwan EPA’s Green Mark and their fabrics are certified as conforming to the Global Recycle Standard.

Beat the heat with us on Canada Day and help us create a sea of red to show our true patriot love for Canada. 

Carleen and Ruby

Carleen and Ruby in their Fu Hsun Fiber Industries Limited Edition CANADA150 shirts.

Many thanks to Air Canada for joining us in the last week before our celebration. Air Canada

sponsored our stage this year, called the Air Canada stage.

They also donated two Air Canada flight tickets up for grabs in our Celebration Canada Raffle this year!

We would also like to congratulate Air Canada on their extremely busy month in Taiwan and on their first inaugural flight to Taiwan, which was on June 9th. Way to hustle!

We would also like to extend our congratulations to the team at the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei for working with Air Canada and ensuring that their entry to Taiwan was a resounding success. 


Rain or shine, the show always goes on. Everyone was soaked, but we were all having a blast. Many thanks to Bouncy Babs and Scarlet Boutee who performed Freedom by George Michael with the Canadian All-Stars. This was the first time we’ve had an LGBTQ presence at Canada Day and the first time we were able to carry the Canadian Pride flag on.

The Air Canada Stage at 8pm on Canada Day.


CTOT 30th

CTOT – Canadian Trade Office in Taipei

The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei was first established in 1986 with a mandate to facilitate trade ties between Canada and Taiwan. Since then, relations between Canada and Taiwan have strengthened and diversified considerably making Taiwan one of Canada’s most significant partners in Asia-Pacific.

The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, is Canada’s representation in Taiwan, which functions as a de facto embassy in the absence of diplomatic relations. The current Executive Director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei is Mario Ste-Marie.
Just as CTOT was lighting up downtown Taipei with the #CANADA150 logo, the CCCT was hanging the original Canada D’Eh sign. Talk about team work!
Executive Director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, Mr. Mario Ste-Marie, addresses the crowd after a one-hour delay because of the rain. The show MUST go on.
The Canada Pavilion was hosted in a new open-air theater-style structure in Hakka Park. They started decorating it the day before Canada Day.
 Ms. Carrie Kellenberger, Chairwoman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan with Mr. David Bostwick from the Canadian Trade Office in Taiwan holding the PRIDE flag at CTOT.
This was the first time we were able to fly the PRIDE flag in Taiwan at our Canada Day event. #LoveIsLove

2017 Celebration Canada Maple Den Fireworks Show

JDT International (The Maple Den) is sponsoring our Maple Den Fireworks Show in 2017.

JDT International is a proud importer of Canadian wines. The wines selected reveal only the finest examples of Ontario’s terroir.

A gorgeous shot posted by Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park of the Maple Den Fireworks show.

2017 Celebration Canada Silver Sponsors

Moosehead Taiwan


Pepperidge Farms will be selling packaged goods at their booth on Canada Day. Kids, keep an eye out for special activities in the Family Zone with Pepperidge Farm goodies.

Bombardier Canada Day 2017 Event Sponsor

Bombardier Transportation Taiwan

Manulife Asset Management

We are very pleased to announce that Manulife Asset Management sponsored a very special and new addition to Celebration Canada 2017: The Manulife Canadian Walk of Fame.


Ford is sponsoring a very special area of Celebration Canada this year. 

For the first time ever, we have a very special event coming to you at 2017 Celebration Canada on Saturday, July 1st at Taipei Hakka Cultural Park. This year, we are presenting the FORD DJ Stage.

That’s right, we have TWO stages this year! We can tell you that this team is amazing and they know how to keep family beats jumping and pumping all day long.


DJ Marcus Aurelius – 馬克思 at the FORD DJ STAGE starting the day off right with some great Canadian tunes. His team was incredible that day.


The FORD DJ Stage is featuring:

1230-2 DJ Marcus Aurelius – 馬克思
2-3:55 The Uppitys
7-8 Marcus Aurelius

We can tell you that this team is amazing and they know how to keep family beats jumping and pumping all day long.

(Two-Time Red Bull Thre3style Finalist)

All of life is in need of the right rhythm. For more than a decade, I have been a curator in search of impeccable music played at the right times to squeeze the most enjoyment out of every event. Whether it is the grimiest dancehall show packed into a sweaty basement, a comfortably mainstream club filled with bottle poppers and fly ladies, or a private event with celebrities and VIPs in suits, my mission is to please the masses and hardcore heads, as well as skillfully mix in surprises that people talk about afterwards. My style is perfectly askew and I thrive to make order out of chaos.

Dj Migo and Mr.Uppity are The Uppitys. We love music, good vibes, and better people. The love and positivity is why. DJing isn’t a contest. Kill the noise. Mr. Uppity is from Ottawa, Ontario.

When people first hear and see NeKBRACE, they have no idea what to expect. This former wrestler turned dance floor body slammer has been breakin’ necks and cashin’ checks since rolling into Taiwan 9 years ago, originally from Halifax, Canada. Known for his affinity for real hip-hop, over the years NeKBRACE has become more versatile and plays to the moment. NeKBRACE has put all the dance floors in Taiwan, from north to south, in a figure four leg lock, and is now a resident DJ/MC at Taipei’s hottest spot, HALO, overlooking Taipei 101. After NeKBRACE is done, their feet might be sore, but they are beggin for more!!!

International French DJ & Turntablist, performing around the globe. Cutting up the funkiest of breaks, electro funk, & re-edits to RnB/Hip Hop & House, mashing up a whole selection of weekend grooves mixed with his trickery & skills on the turntables will keep you jumping to the beat.

2017 Celebration Canada Booth Sponsors

Hess International Education Group Taiwan

Costco Taiwan

We are pleased to announce that Costco Taiwan is coming to Celebration Canada this year as a booth sponsor and they are providing us with our Celebration Canada – Canada150 cake. We are so grateful to have their support each year.

We are so pleased to have Northland Power joining us for Celebration Canada 2017. Northland Power became a CCCT corporate sponsor in late 2016. We are so happy to have them with us as an event sponsor. #GreenEnergy

ICRT Taiwan

ICRT will be broadcasting live from our Celebration Canada event on July 1st, 2017. Keep an eye out for DJ Joey on stage starting at 6pm!

Alberta Taiwan Office, Canada

Canada Beef

Roots Taiwan


Please respect the park and respect the park rules.

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park have kindly worked with the CCCT for several years for Celebration Canada. They have done a lot of landscaping this year and they have added a lot of artwork to the park over the past year.

There are designated smoking areas OUTSIDE the park and near the park entrance and exit beer vendors. Please respect the park rules.

There is no smoking in the park.

Please also put your trash in the bins provided around the park and respect our volunteers and their hard work.

We are expecting more than 10,000 people this year, and we will have a police presence there.

Have fun. Enjoy the show and remember that Canadians are nice folks. We are all volunteers and we all work hard to make Celebration Canada a success each year.

Roots Taiwan has added a slogan to their launch this year. We would like to congratulate them and remind you of their new 2017 slogan, which applies to all of us:


Jessicat’s Baked Goods raised NT$15,000 for the Danshui Foreign Cemetery by donating 150 MAPLE butter tarts.


We are overwhelmed by the response from our community with more and more raffle prizes coming in each day. We had to create a CCCT raffle page to show you all the prizes that are coming in. Just a few photos of our winners and how things worked out with our massive stack of raffle prizes.

Thank you all so much!



Canadian All-Stars

Mary Bites Kerry


The Last Minute Band kicked the day’s festivities off with an amazing set. We LOVE their outfits. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Serving up Canadian and multicultural snacks all day:
The Poutinerie
Maple Maple Cafe
Mayur Indian Kitchen
Three Idiots Toast and Curry
Meat Mate
Bayshore Pacific Hospitality Limited

Just SOME of our volunteers for Celebration Canada. We have over 100 people volunteering on Canada Day. Our Director of Volunteers Steven Clark did a fantastic job of organizing everyone. 

Just a few Canada 150 Volunteers with Director of Volunteers, Mr. Steven Clark.

A little blast from our past from Canada D’Eh 2006.

The Canada 150 tulip, also known as the Maple Leaf tulip, is the official tulip of the 150th anniversary of Canada. It was unveiled May 9, 2016, in Commissioners Park in Ottawa, Ontario.

This tulip was specially bred for Canada with elegant white and red flames to showcase the Canadian flag and its maple leaf.

The tulip can be seen during the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa. Over 200,000 Maple Leaf tulips have been planted and will be in bloom during the Canadian Tulip Festival which runs from now until the end of May 2017.

The Canadian Tulip Festival showcases over one million tulips across Canada’s capital region.

It is the largest festival of its kind in the world and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

In 2017, the festival is celebrating its 65th edition as well as Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation under the theme One Tulip, One Canada. This special tulipOne Tulip, One Canada was created to honour Canada’s 150th birthday.

It’s an honour to unveil the official Canada 150 tulip on behalf of the Government of Canada. Tulips represent springtime, rebirth and promises, which make them a powerful symbol in the lead-up to the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. ~David McGuinty, the MP for Ottawa South in a press release.

The Canada150 tulip represent the long-standing friendship and gratitude between Canada and the Netherlands. It blooms in the colours of Canada’s flag.

This year, we have 50 wooden tulip stencils in the Family Zone area for kids to paint. This activity is starting at the teepee in the Family Zone at 2pm sharp. Each child has 20 minutes to complete their tulip and we are moving forward with groups of 12 or 13 kids each half hour between 2pm and 4pm.

At 5pm, please return to the teepee area to collect your tulip and for an official photo of our Canada150 tulip garden. These wooden stencils were created by A.d. Van Roosmalen of A.D Woodworks from Holland. A.D lives here in Taipei.

Canada Day Activity

Created by A.d. Van Roosmalen of A.D Woodworks from Holland. AD lives in Taiwan.