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CCCT 200x121The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan was established in 1983 by a group of Canadians in answer to the absence of official representation in Taiwan at that time.Toasting Wineglasses

Since its inception, the CCCT has grown from an organization providing basic support to Canadians on the island to a Chamber serving the needs of all Canadians and friends of Canada in Taiwan.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan

In 1984, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan was officially registered with the Ministry of the Interior as a foreign association – the first of its kind in Taiwan. At that time, our organization was called The Canadian Society. You can learn more about us on The Canadian Society – Our History in Taiwan page.

The Chamber today is made up of Canadians and friends of Canada who come from all walks of life and who are living and working in Taiwan. In addition there are a great many Taiwanese-Canadians who have joined to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of their adopted country.


Our goal is to provide a forum for Canadians and friends of Canada to meet and interact on issues of common interest.

We provide fellow members with their business, family, social, educational and cultural needs.

We promote goodwill and understanding between the people of Canada and Taiwan, and we provide the opportunity for interaction to develop strong cultural, social and business ties amongst our members.



You don’t have to be Canadian to enjoy the benefits of a CCCT Membership.

Alumni of Canadian universities, people working in businesses with ties to Canada, or those interested in learning more about Canada and meeting Canadian business contacts are welcome to join our association.

You will meet new friends at our events and have the opportunity to work together with fellow members to help stage some of these events to cement that bond.

As a member, you will be added to our mailing list, through which you will be informed about networking events, luncheons, concerts, art exhibitions, and various other fun and interesting activities with a Canadian connection – including our famous annual Celebration Canada event, which is held every June just before Canada Day.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan hosts the largest foreign national day celebration in Taiwan!

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan Business Directory


Individual members will enjoy preferential pricing to all of our events. Small business and corporate members will receive additional benefits that include having their company information listed in the CCCT Business Directory.

Read more about the CCCT’s Membership Benefits here.


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan is supported by our generous corporate members.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us!